What kind of material are used in red wine wooden boxes?

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Basically, red wine packaging is packaged in wooden boxes. On the one hand, the packaging box of this material is more textured, and on the other hand, it is more convenient for storage. What kind of material are used in the red wine wooden box of Nima? All the boxes are made of solid wood. Is there any difference in the specific material?


1. Oak solid wood material

Oak material should be one of the most widely used materials at present, and the overall quotation is relatively pertinent. If you want to customize the project material of the red wine wooden box, the budget can be controlled within a reasonable range. Of course, if you want to customize the oak material, you must communicate with the factory in advance.


2. Cherry wood material

Among the solid wood materials, the cherry wood material is a relatively expensive material, so if it is used to customize the wine box, the cost will be higher. Generally, if this kind of red wine is customized, it is applied to the packaging of high-end red wine, so the cost and budget of customization will be higher.


3. walnut wood material


The red wine box made of walnut is also a relatively high-end customized material, and the density of walnut is higher. After the surface is treated, it will look very smooth. Therefore, generally high-end red wine will also use this walnut wood box.


The above three kinds of solid wood red wine boxes are relatively common and high-end customized materials, so the customization cost is not too low. If the wine manufacturer intends to make a reservation, it can now establish a cooperative relationship with the specific factory, so that when customizing the wooden box, they will know how to customize it or get the relevant customized products as soon as possible and put them into specific packaging for use.

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